We are proud to finally announce a brewery we have been working with coming to Colorado Springs!  WeldWerks brewing is one of the hottest new breweries in the country, and people have been going crazy over them.  They opened in Greeley a few years ago, and people consistently make the pilgrimage to the brewery in order to buy cases of their delicious Juicy Bits New England style IPA.  They have also launched crazy campaigns like brewing 100 new and unique beers in 2018.


When they approached us, they say a need to have a taproom down south in order to help meet the need of consumers who have a tough time traveling to Greeley.  They love the Colorado Springs community, and desire to become a part of it.  So here we are.  When the owners first walked in the Dive they immediatley envisioned people out on the patio  enjoyed good beer and company while they took in the gorgeous view of Pikes Peak and the Red Rocks Canyon open space.  They couldn’t shake the feeling of joy that idea brought to them, and how they want to pass that on to others.  So we pursued it and have completed a purchase of the old Dive space on the corner of Colorado and 31st, and they will begin some major renovations on the building.  We cannot wait to see what creativity they bring to the space, and of course, to take a sip of a sweet WeldWerks beer!


You can check out more about WeldWerks here: https://www.weldwerksbrewing.com/